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What we do

Real Estate Renovations

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Housing Redevelopment

Rejuvenating Communities

Our residential redevelopment specialists work diligently to develop practical, quality designs that rebuild, rehabilitate, and rejuvenate neighborhoods. When aging infrastructure are in disrepair, it’s our job to make it new again and fix things that may not have worked well in the original design.

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Development Management

It’s All in the Details

These projects are an opportunity to:

  • Improve an infrastructure’s functionality, increase property value

  • Consider its long-term performance and future maintenance,

  • Reinvest in areas of a community where new growth many have started to decrease.

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Construction Management

We look past what is and imagine what it could be!

  • Our residential design team becomes personally vested in each project as if we were going to live in each house. We take pride in maintaining and improving homeowners quality of life.

  • Our team stays motivated knowing that our designs create an atmosphere of comfort and safety when calling it home.

  • Our goal is to have not only a positive impact on communities but also families because strong families make communities.


Delivering a Quality Product

Efficient, Practical, Modern & Safe

Our team has over 20 years of experience performing REI and rehabbing residential properties.  We have proven systems, contractors, investors and partners in place thru-out the United States.  Our name "Masco" is a family brand and we stand by our REI opportunities.  When we have the power to make a family happy by providing a REI solution.  The world needs more of that.  

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Commercial and Residential Renovation

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Done Deal

Interior/Exterior Complete Rehab

We work with investors to create opportunities for homeownership in Detroit’s neighborhoods, reduce residential blight, and restore home values.  By replacing vacant properties with homes ready for purchase on the traditional real estate market, these purchases strengthen neighborhood housing markets, restore home equity and help the City of Detroit make a strong come back to our local economy.